What is a Cactopus?

Two years ago four simpletons from a small town in Colorado drove a broken down school bus to Austin, Texas with only rock ‘n’ roll on their minds. Some call their music psychedelic funk/punk, others say it’s more like cavemen/women trowing a rave in a circus tent… in space. On stage they are an explosion of sound and energy which can convert the most jaded hipster in to a ravenous dance fool.

Newly released album “Scotty Found a Rocket” was released in August 2016. Cactopus’ eclectic routes span from disco to hip hop and from freak folk to heavy metal and it all comes through in this energetic album. The lyrics take you on a strange journey through the broken gears of an insane mind and his post apocalyptic vision.

Band Members Mark, Madeleine, Travis & Cameron


Mark Sturdevant


Madeleine Froncek

bass, banjo and vocals

Travis Moore

guitar and bass

Cameron Beamer

vocals and guitar